Solid-Liquid Separation

Roytec Global


ROYTEC GLOBAL is a company based in South Africa, specializing in Liquid / Solid Separation technologies for the Mining and Industrial sectors. Formed in 2001 by a group of engineers with more than 150 years of combined experience in the area, Roytec is a private company, ensuring responsibility and passion for service. We take pride in fulfilling our commitments and continuously improving our technologies.

Roytec has made important advances in the development of Thickeners and Clarifiers equipments to overcome the current demands of the process plants, maintaining the objective of reducing the total capital cost through the use of technology. Our range of thickeners and clarifiers is custom designed in each specific case, according to the process requirements of the end user.

To achieve the best performance and efficiency of our clients, the Roytec NexGen™ Thickener program has been developed to improve their performance, reducing flocculant consumption, achieving high densities in the underflow, improving the quality of the overflow and allowing high automation levels; the above using the most modern process practices.

The main advances of the Roytec NexGen™ program are the revolutionary feedwell feedwell RADFLOW™ and the ETAQ™ self-dilution pump system.

Roytec Thickeners


Robust, reliable and efficient, it is the best way to describe the range of Roytec Thickeners, adjusted to the requirements of any process plant.

The Thickeners units are available up to a diameter of 90m, with different design of lateral or central support bridge (center pier), hydraulic or electric transmission system, together with integrated systems of drag lift and automation. The tank design is available in both welded and bolted sectors to facilitate field mounting work, as well as concrete designs.

The Roytec Thickener range is designed to operate under the most arduous plant conditions.

Customized thickening solutions


Roytec has extensive knowledge in thickening applications, and we continuously partner with our clients to ensure the best solution available.

We specialize in the following thickener technology:

  • High Rate
  • Conventional.
  • High Density / Pulp (paste).
  • Deep cone (with and without rakes).
  • Pin Bed & Dynamic Bed Clarifiers.


We use a combination of design approaches, including known mechanical and process principles, along with self-developed iteration design programs, to arrive at the optimal design configuration for each unit.

The design of the tanks uses 3D dynamic models and adheres to international codes of best practices, such as SANS / API /, among others.

The use of dynamic 3D models ensures an integrated design.

Countercurrent thickener circuits


Roytec thickeners are widely used in CCD applications. The recovery of the soluble value species is maximized with a combination of high efficiency mixing stages, feed dilution, underflow density optimization and circuit control.

Our designs incorporate intermediate stages of pump mixers, allowing all stages of the CCD circuit to be installed at the same elevation, with the consequent significant decrease in civil works and installation costs.

We have experience in acid and alkaline circuits for the recovery of metals such as copper, cobalt, uranium and gold / silver.

Drive and Rake Mechanism


The Drive System and the rake mechanisms are supported by a bridge arrangement that can be complete or half span (full span or half span). For larger diameter units (+ 45m), the mechanism is usually supported by a central column.

The drive units are hydraulic or electric, and include a complete instrumentation package to ensure the protection of the drive train and the safety of the plant. The fully automated rake lift is standard on Roytec thickeners.

The principle behind our drive train design is that all gears and bearings have an operating life of 100,000 hours. All mechanical components are european brands and have good support and local service on all continents.



A fully instrumented and integrated control system that allows feedback from the plant for continuous monitoring and optimal operation, includes:

  • Monitoring of the rake torque level.
  • Automatic lifting and lowering of the harrow.
  • Rake position indication.
  • Mud bed level indication.
  • Monitoring of feed density and flow.
  • Monitoring the density and flow of the Underflow.
  • Measurement of Overflow turbidity.
  • Measurement of bed pressure.
  • Monitoring the Feedwell sedimentation rate.
  • Control of the flocculant dosage rate.
  • Visual and audible alarm.
  • System temperature and oil level measurement.


Feedwells Radflow™


Our revolutionary RADFLOW™ feedwell has been designed for optimal energy dissipation.

The feed is introduced into an upper tangential zone, before discharging downwards into a vertical blade zone, where Foucault currents are formed and collide with incoming flows. This leads to a very efficient energy destruction and to a uniform, balanced and quiescent discharge, characterized by a restricted radial component of solids.

  • Efficient energy dissipation.
  • Reduction of turbulence (currents) at tangential and radial level.
  • Improved feed / flocculant mixture.
  • Operation with reduced torque.
  • Eliminating jams or obstructions in the feedwell.


ETAQ™ Dilution Pump


Self-dilution pump with radial inlet / outlet, specially designed for high volume operations and low hydraulic head.

The ETAQ™ pump extracts the supernatant from the surface of the thickener, and pumps to the RADFLOW ™ feed stream to achieve the perfect level of dilution of the feed and thus have an optimum flocculation.

Pinned Bed and Dynamic Bed Clarifiers


Roytec is a world leader in applications for clarification of solutions, through the use of “Dynamic Bed Clarifiers” (DBC) (deep cone), and with Filtering Media “Pinned-Bed Clarifiers” (PBC), for the generation of high quality overflow and / or high density underflows.

Both technologies combine the pre-treatment of the feed with a portion of recirculation of underflow, coagulant and inorganic flocculation.

The Roytec Clarifiers deliver a consistent and reliable operation, with a total reduction of suspended solids with values up to below 10 ppm (TSS).

Most frequent applications of DBC and PBC Clarifiers:

  • Copper and Zinc PLS Clarification.
  • Clarification of solutions to the Merrill Crowe process (Ag-Au).
  • Mine waters Clarification.
  • Seal water treatment of plant equipment (Polishing).


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